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In this training program it is best to watch the videos in sequence as you follow along with the manual. The training exercises build upon themselves helping you to go step by step to develop your higher centers and yourself spiritually. The meditation videos are the only exception, these can be used through out the training.  Jumping around the videos will not allow you to develop your higher intuitive and psychic senses.

I have created a downloadable 10 week study that is to be used every day. This can be found under the BONUS MATERIAL section. This will help you to develop and refine your intuition and higher psychic centers, as well as using meditation and the other techniques to balance your energies.

Wishing you a joyous learning experience of developing your higher spiritual self and your intuitive and psychic abilities.

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Introduction/Course Outline

Qi Gong Exercise

Self Defeating/Limiting Beliefs

Connect to Inner Knower

Clearing Process Inner Knower

Introduction to EFT

Exercise Using EFT

Awaken Intuition Guide

Listen to Intuition, Triggers

Nature Meditation

Higher Senses-Clairvoyant Center

Higher Senses, Energy Body

Higher Senses-Psychometry

Tarot, Tarot Demonstration

Tarot, Exercise Individual Readings

Energy Protection

Angels-Guided Meditation

The Chakras, Chakra Chart

Chakra Meditations

Meditation, Watching the Breath

Meditation, Tong-lin Practice

Meditation-Chakra Sounds

Summary and Workshop Review

Interview Nirup-Part 1

Interview Nirup-Part 2

Download the Manual

Included in this video training series is the manual.

The chapters correspond to the lessons in the video. I encourage you to use the manual and follow along with the videos in order to help you proceed with the training and complete the course.

It is important that you follow the training beginning with chapter one, and going chapter by chapter until the end, and not skipping around as each technique builds upon the other.

The only exception is the Meditation section. Within the manual is information, tools and techniques, along with mediations to support you on your journey.

manual LG_r1_c1

Download Videos

Downloading your videos requires alot of memory and fast internet speed. If you do not have this you can watch the videos online.

Please download videos one at a time, as this will allow each one to download quickly, rather than downloading many at the same time as this will slow up the process and you will have to wait until all that you have clicked on have been downloaded. It can also cause a problem with downloading if you try to download too many at the same time.

Once they have downloaded move them from your download folder to a special Awakening the Other You file, so you have all videos in one place for safe keeping and viewing.

Downloaded files must be unzipped before they can be viewed. If you do not have zip software click here to for the free zip/unzip program.

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