I am afraid that I will never be able to get out of my analytical mind so that I can connect into my higher self, does everyone have the ability to be able to connect to their higher self?

We all have a higher self, it is part of our soul self that incarnated into this physical body, however, soon after birth we are taught more to think with our analytical mind and listen to what other people say we should do and think rather than listen to ourselves. Our higher intuitive part of us is always there, but for most of us is hiding behind the analytical mind. And yes we could all reconnect to it, if we take the proper steps. It is a matter of practice and consciously being aware to use it in our daily life. If you follow the “Inner Knower” process that I have created in the program, you will be able to connect into it. For some people it will be easier than others, depending on how relaxed they allow themselves to be, to get out of their head and into their being, but this too can be learned through this training.

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