I am having difficulty being able to see things, I do not feel I have the ability to see things, I only seem to be able to know things, how can I develop this more?

Doing guided meditations can prepare your clairvoyant center to open more. Often we are seeing but are not aware we are seeing. Example when I am guiding you through the relaxation meditation, you are seeing yourself in particular surroundings, as well as sensing how you are feeling. In order for you to describe where you are, you are in fact seeing, or using that higher sense of seeing from your inner screen of your mind, which is where psychic impressions will be presented to you from your higher seeing part of yourself. It just takes a knack to learn how to bring in the information, bits and pieces and fragments of images. You have to learn how to bring it all together.

Posted in: Subtle Higher Senses - Opening the Clairvoyant Center