I want to develop my psychic abilities, but I am being told I am playing with the devil, and that psychic abilities are evil, I do not want to believe this but I am afraid, what if it is true?

The universal truth is, we are conscious aware beings, and we have a higher divine self, and that divine self is in contact with God/Source. We have higher senses within us to help us in our daily life, and also our spiritual life. Getting in touch with our higher senses, our psychic senses is not bad, nor will bad things happen to us for doing so, however it is your right to believe and take on the beliefs you want. So if you continue to hold onto these beliefs, then you will make it difficult for yourself to open your abilities, to trust and to feel good about it. So I suggest first look into your conditioning, and see what you want to hold onto and what you are willing to let go of. Those around you who are telling you those things are also operating out of their own conditionings and beliefs that someone else gave them at one time. You could use the “Inner Knower” process to challenge this belief for yourself to see what your truth is.

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