There are so many fake psychics out there in the world, does it really exist or is it all made up?

Psychic abilities do exist, and have existed since the beginning of time, in every culture. You can read in our history of many who have embraced and used their higher senses to survive and connect to a greater Source. Unfortunately in our culture, this is not something we have been taught to develop nor embrace our higher senses of who we are, matter of fact we have been taught to prize our rational, analytical mind, and our intellect, and to see our creative, intuitive part of ourselves as not as important. You can see this in our schools, year after year cutting more and more programs and classes that support our creativity, through music, art, and more.

As in any area of what people are interested in there are good ones and bad ones in any field. Unfortunately due to ignorance and mystery surrounding this area, in our culture there are a lot of fake, or so called psychics are out there taking advantage of others. People are hired to play a psychic, especially on the larger websites with lists of psychics for hire. They are taught to pretend they are psychic, or they may be somewhat psychic, but a novice at it. One has to be alert, listen to your intuition and be discriminating when looking for a psychic. It would be good to avoid the large psychic sites with many readers, as well as the gypsy 5th and 7th generation so called psychics. They are the ones that are out to scam you, by telling you that you have bad energy around you, a curse around you or a family member. Or saying they can fix your energy, or make someone come back to you. If you encounter one of these people, then run the other way.

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