I have been told by others that they can balance my chakras over the phone, and help me to heal, is this possible?

In order for that to happen you would have to be with some who is very advanced in their spiritual development. Most people that offer that over the phone do not have the ability to help you heal, in fact most of those people that claim they can, know they cannot and usually are trying to scam you, especially those who ask for cash or large amounts of money.

One thing to know and that is we have to participate in our own healing, we have to look inside to see what is within us that needs healing. Allot of it is created by our own thoughts and feelings, and it is only we who can change that. When I work with clients, I help them to go into themselves to see what they are carrying and to clear it, then they have a chance for healing to happen.  After working with thousands of clients, and coming to understand this about people, I created the Inner Knower Process, and using the re-patterning technique.  I want to add that there are people who train in Reiki Healing and other Energy Healing modalities that can support you in your healing, by having an in-person session.

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