What can the “Inner Knower” process be used for in my daily life?

The “Inner Knower” process can be used from the time you get up in the morning until the time you go to bed; because once you develop your inner knowing you can use it to know what steps or feelings you have about anything happening in your life. When using this process you are more likely to give yourself what you really need and what is best for you in the moment.

It can override your analytical mind when you feel you are “shoulding” yourself, meaning, “I should do this”, “I should do that”. Sometimes it is good to give ourselves a break from “shoulding on ourselves”. Example, you wake up and it is your day off, instead of going to the analytical mind and making a list of everything that you should do, take a moment first and then ask, “if I could know what I would really love to do for myself this morning on my day off, it would be to…..”, let the answer come. It may be, stay in bed a little longer, take yourself out to breakfast, take a walk, play with my children, go visit friends or family, etc.

The idea is to get in touch with your inner truth, what your higher part of you knows would be the best thing for you, to nurture yourself. And yes there may still be things you have to do, but you will be creating some balance and nurturing for yourself.

You can also use the “Inner Knower” process for asking simple question such as, when shopping, knowing what to eat that would be best for you, making decisions about family and friends, activities, as well as more important decisions such as career, relationships, inner well being and more. Practicing with simple everyday decisions will help you to deepen your connection with your inner self, and allow you to trust it more in bigger decisions that have to be made.

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