I want to connect with the guides on a deeper level, I feel someone around me but am not able to see who they are, or how they are in my life to help me, how can I best get to know them?

It is good that you are sensitive to feeling them around you, this will allow you to start with this psychic sense, referred to as clairsentience. Develop this subtle sense and then bring in the clairvoyance, this is the seeing.  To develop this center and to connect with your guides, you will want to do the technique in Meeting Your Guides, so that in the process you can get out of the analytical mind, and create the space for higher knowing and seeing. In this process I will guide you into connecting with them, and during this guided process you will be able to ask your guides a number of questions. For some people doing the process once is enough for them to connect into their guides whenever they need to, and for some they may want to use the guided process a number of times as a support in getting out of their analytical mind.

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