I am born in America and my religion is Christian, but when I did the Meeting Your Guides Meditation process, I saw a Shaman as my guide, how is this possible?

This is due to our past lives where we have connected to other religious paths, or where our cultures have embraced certain teachings.  I have found the more someone enters onto their spiritual path and opens themselves up for higher teachings they will be supported even more. These higher beings are around us all the time we are just not aware of how to be connected to them. Sometimes these other guides come to us from other times because that teaching and energy is familiar to us, we resonate to it, so it helps us to awaken easier.

Example, when I was thirteen years old I remember myself saying one day I would go to India. Then I forgot about it and went along my life’s path of being a Christian, getting a career and marriage.  Then one day at 28 years of age I heard a voice in me say “buy an around the world airline ticket, and so I did. When I got to India, I felt like I had come home, that I had lived there before.  I knew certain dances, I had a knack for the Tabula (drum) and many other things, the most important being I connected to a spiritually enlightened Master, who forever changed my life. My advice to you is to embrace those higher beings that are there to help you on your path, you never know where it is going to lead you.


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