The Mirror Gazing Meditation is a very interesting meditation I must say, at first I had problems doing the process but on the third time I was able to connect into that “Inner Me” I am working on more and more seeing the true real me and what is my ego/personality. At what point do I become more of the real me?

The Mirror Gazing Meditation a process of awakening, the more you use the technique, you will start to notice how you think and make choices in your life, and from where within you, you make those choices, and decisions from.  It is an awareness you will begin to feel inside yourself, you will have a physical sense of feeling centeredness or a grounded feeling, this you may feel in your solar plexus area. You may feel more connected to your body and feeling solid on the earth. On an emotional level you may feel a relaxation at your center. On a spiritual level you will feel a non-separation of you from Existence, God/Source. It is not of the Ego/Personality knowing, but of your “Being”. You will notice in yourself that you will relate from a spontaneous place of expression, from a deeper knowing inside of you. As it is not just of the mind, it is an expression of your being. If you look at a very small child, they are just being themselves, expressing, being spontaneous and flowing with their energy. It is something like this, with the added level of consciousness and awareness of who you are.


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