How do I know what is my “Inner Knower” and what is my analytical mind?

The “Inner Knower” part of you has a different feeling to it, meaning when you are in touch with the “Inner Knower”, it is a “knowingness” that you feel within you, and within your body. There is no duality, of this belief, or of that belief, of a yes or no, a right or wrong, it is an “is-ness” or a “truth” to your question. Where as, when it is your analytical mind coming in, there is always a duality existing. Now using the analytical mind you can still make decisions about your life, but the opposite is always there, and in any moment you may choose the opposite depending on your thoughts, feelings, and outside influences. So if possible we want to know what is right for us from our “Inner Knower” then follow with our analytical mind.

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