About Nirup


Hello I am Nirup Barnum, I am a Spiritual Counselor, Teacher, and Intuitive and Psychic Guide for Others.

For over 23 years I have worked with 1000's of clients from all over the world in person, over the phone and the internet.  I have been on Radio, and Internet TV, I have also created a DVD "Insights into a New Way of Living", and a number of CD’s.

Much of my training and own personal and spiritual development came about from my world travels and living in India for several years. As well as further training in Canada and the USA.

Many people come to me looking for answers to life's questions, guidance and personal and spiritual development. Every day I am helping those people find the answer they need, as well as teaching them to go inward to connect to their inner voice and inner wisdom.

It is from over 23 years of experience of working with corporations, individuals, giving workshops and trainings, as well as what I have learned, and studied has been distilled down, and is now available through this Awakening The Other You, Discovering, Developing and Using Your Inner Hidden Resources, training home study course, offered on DVD and digital download from the internet.

This training can be attended in person, at the Sedona Sacred Light Institute, located in beautiful Sedona Arizona, the land of the Red Rocks and Healing Vortex Energies. I created the Sedona Sacred Light Institute as a sanctuary for those who want to come and learn to awaken their intuitive, and psychic abilities, and connect to their spiritual wisdom in a safe, fun, supportive and nurturing environment.

Join me either in Sedona AZ or through my DVD training series or Digital download of this training, to help awaken you on your life's journey. Where you will connect to your intuitive and spiritual self. Acquiring the right awareness that will let you join the joyful dance of life.

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