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I have been working with Nirup's online study course for the past three months, and have been learning so much about myself spiritually.  Her training makes it easy to understand step by step of how to develop my intuition and my psychic abilities. Also I loved the Inner Knower process on how to know at a moments notice what decision is right for me.  Thank you Nirup for creating such an amazing home study course for us to learn at our own pace. I hope to meet you one day in person, in Sedona.

-Mary, New York

This training is a complete overview of the higher consciousness movement.. Nirup covers every aspect of techniques to help one to move forward, erase blocks and to live your life to its full potential....  I enjoyed the 2 days very much... there was a lot of heart in the group, it was a lovely sharing.... thank you.


I've been reading many books, going to seminars, and picking up energy techniques in a haphazard fashion for 20 years, finally thanks to the Sedona Sacred Light Institute, this workshop gave new information and insights that I have never been able to get anywhere else. I was able to develop my intuition and learn many wonderful techniques to guide me along my spiritual path.

-Lorraine S. FL

In a couple of words I can say this training is just phenomenal. With each exercise and teaching it took me further and further into knowing who I am spiritually and developing my intuition, my higher sense perception, I did not know this was possible for me.

I remember Nirup you telling me in the past that experiences from the beyond become a “knowing” which then becomes my truth; and with every lesson, exercise, and meditation we did together my truth was staring me right in the face. It was there all along and yet I couldn’t see it because I had many doubts and realized not a whole lot of trust in myself until the seminar.  Everything just seems to flow so effortlessly from the moment the seminar began till the very end.

I am truly grateful to you for your sharing, love, trust, and support and for my “sisters” of the circle in which made it complete. It’s been the most empowering experiences of my life and I can’t wait till the next advanced seminar!

-Premala, AZ

I had the “Time Of My Life” a bountiful experience I will never forget. Awakening the other you, is an in-depth process training that incorporates many modalities that helped me discover my own magical hidden talents. I trained with Nirup (one-on-one) in Sedona, where she assisted me in working through my limiting beliefs to awaken my true self. Thank you, Nirup for being kind, loving and an example to me, on working on my own self actualization. This training manual with valuable videos may help transform others who are looking to awaken themselves as well. Words cannot express my weeklong stay of an amazing experience with Nirup in Sedona.

-G.M. San Diego CA

Nirup is a delightful teacher with many simple, yet profound tools for helping you open to the higher spiritual dimensions and your intuitive self. I especially like her technique for contacting your "Inner Knower."
Once learned, this method will supercharge your ability to make on the spot decisions about a huge variety of subjects, from your relationship to your career to your spiritual path. Whether you are just beginning your spiritual journey, or have been journeying for a while, Nirup's offerings will be a powerful addition to your spiritual tool chest. Shaeri Richards, Author of "Dancing with your Dragon: The Art of Loving your Unlovable Self

-Sedona AZ

The workshop provided a forum in which I was able to develop my intuition, clear away patterns and beliefs that got in the way of me doing that before. Nirup provided guidance as to how to get to the core and defuse some of the debilitating effects these feelings cause in me.  Nirup is a wonderful teacher, and guides you with compassion, love and awareness, she knows "You" and can give you the exact tools and guidance you need to awaken and develop your divine self.

-Carol J, Ohio

Please leave a reply regarding your experience with the Video Training and Manual or sessions with Nirup submit testimonial