I am excited to take this training, I feel it is what I need to help me grow in who I am, but feel unsupported by my husband. He ridicules me for wanting to learn about my intuition and higher senses, how do I go about getting his support, to make my learning more enjoyable?

Yes, it can be difficult when we want to grow in who we are, and not feeling supported by those that we love. It is important that we feel supported in being allowed to take the steps we need for evolving in any area of our lives. Because developing our intuition and higher senses is not something that we have been brought up to do naturally, there will be those around us who find it either not useful in spending time for learning, or they may have a fear of us out growing them.

When you find it within yourself that this is in fact one of the most important things you can do for yourself, developing who you are and discovering why you are here and how to best create your life, then it is something that no one outside yourself can make you feel bad about. In owning this in yourself, then it is easier to tell those around you, in a simple but calm way what you need.

You can say something to this effect, “The truth is, this training is very important to me, my happiness and well being. I want you to support me in a positive way, because it will benefit our relationship. Even though you may not see it as something you would do for yourself, I would ask that you be open to me and my learning, because it will make me happier and in turn make us happier together.”

How can argue against this statement. You may have your own words to add to this, but you get the point. Part of the learning is that we need to know we have a right to ask for what we want and deserve to be supported in what we need for ourselves.

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