I want to take this training for my personal and spiritual growth, but feel that due to my Christian upbringing there is something wrong with me getting in touch with my higher self and my guides and angels. Is this training going against my religious beliefs?

Getting in touch with our own inner navigational guide, our “inner knower” is something that is a part of us, it is our birth right. It is a part of our higher soul self that we brought with us when we incarnated into this life time. It is within us to use in order to guide our own life in a way that we need to, in order to be aligned with our right path.

Intuition is known all around the world, by every culture, and every culture has a name for it, in their language. Many other cultures embrace the use of our intuition and higher centers that we have within us, and know they are connected to the divine, to God/Source.

In connecting with this part of ourselves we then have a direct connection to our Guides and Angels and higher aware beings, that are here to support us in this lifetime. Even if your religion does not embrace the idea of life before this life time, you can certainly accept that we are divine beings that have incarnated from God/Source and therefore are part of the whole and never separate from God/Source, or our guides and angles.

Spiritually is not separate from who we are. Spirituality is a part of every religion, it does not need to go against it, however if your teachings are making you feel there is something wrong in your connecting to your divine soul self and to God/Source through this part of you, then you may need to re-pattern some of those beliefs, or let them go using the EFT process.

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