What is the difference between simply asking my mind a question and asking my “Inner Knower” a question?

The mind is duality, there is always an opposite, and with the “Inner Knower” it knows the one answer that is correct for you. The mind can be based on outside influences that you are catering to, where as the “Inner Knower” is about your truth. Now even though you receive your answer, of what is right for you, you may still have to work with other influences surrounding you and the situation. Example, say you are asking about leaving your job. You may hear a “yes” however if you take it further you may hear a “yes, but not right now, first line up another job”, or your inner knower may say “yes but in three months from now”. So it all depends on your question you are asking and the surrounding influences. When asking your question even if you cannot act on it right in the moment it lets you know where you should be going and working towards that which is right for you, rather than staying stuck in a situation.

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