I am using the EFT process and still feeling a little stuck in my thinking even when I get the outcome to a “0”, is there something I am doing wrong.

Yes, it can be there are still feelings underneath that you have not cleared yet. We have layers of thoughts, feelings and beliefs, and we need to go layer by layer about that particular thought, belief or pattern we want clarity and change in. Once you get down to a “0” you have to ask yourself, on a scale of “1 – 10” how strong do I believe this new realization, belief or new affirmation I have just given myself. If it is less than a “10”, you need to ask yourself, using the phrasing, “ in order to make it a “10” I need to let go of…..” and what do you hear you still are carrying that you need to let go of. Then use the process to continue clearing. When you get the affirmation for a new outcome to a “10” it will sink into your cells and conscious mind and it will be gone.

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