Can you explain more about psychological reversal?

Yes, psychological reversal, is where we are reversed in our thoughts and feelings of having a positive view about ourselves, to having a negative view, and doing things that go against ourselves in life, always causing a problem. Sometimes doing the same thing over and over again. Example, getting into the wrong type of relationship over and over again; and not seeing how we are calling that to us. Or letting people treat us a certain way that is negative and harmful, instead of getting away from the situation, or distance from those kind of people. Another area where we may stay stuck and that is knowing we should leave a toxic job but feeling there is no hope or way to do so, and rather than looking to create something different for ourselves we stay in it.

Psychological reversal is where we are really stuck in old negative patterns, or ways of thinking about ourselves. This type of negative thinking needs extra steps in using the EFT technique to clear the layers of these thought forms and feelings. The good news is that it can be done, but perhaps not on your own. Clients will usually schedule a session with me for these types of more involved processes.

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