I am doing the Qi Gong with the video I purchased from you. I am having a little difficulty in using the technique, it does relax my neck and back, but I do not seem to be able to carry the relaxed space that I feel when I first do Qi Gong, through the rest of my day, any suggestions?

There are two ways to do Qi Gong, one is using it for the physical body only. Meaning doing the routine with focus on only the physical body, which is very beneficial and healing. The other way of doing Qi Gong is to also bring your awareness and the connection to your energy body into the routine. In this way you will create a feeling of non-separation in you, so that when you go throughout your day, you will remain in a state of wholeness. Meaning feeling, connected into yourself, grounded, and present in the moment in whatever you are doing. The more you do Qi Gong in this way, something will begin to crystalize in you, where you will have a sense of wholeness and well-being no matter what you are doing.

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