I have begun to notice that when I do the Qi Gong, I do in fact feel much more calm and relaxed as I go throughout my day. How long of a session is the right amount of time to benefit from doing Qi Gong?

In the beginning it is good to follow the techniques on DVD, or join a class of Qi Gong. There are many variations of the technique. The practice may be from 30 minutes to one hour. Once you learn some of the movements, you can shorten your routine, if you choose to. Some days you may have time for a longer session, some days not.  Only you will know what works for you. The longer a session you do in the beginning, you will then begin to experience the difference in your energy. It is not something to be rushed through, on your way to doing something else, otherwise your full attention is not there. Give yourself permission to take the time you need to create balance and peace within, you are important. You may find some of the Qi Gong movements you can use throughout your day for re-centering or de-stressing. Even 5 to 10 minutes can help.

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