How do I tell whether the answer I am getting is really the right answer or I just think it is the right answer, because I want a certain outcome?

When you are working with the “Inner Knower” process, using the specific steps, there is a phrasing built into the process to check this out, and that phrase is “If I could know what I am really getting is the truth the answer is…..”, if you hear “yes”, then it is correct, if you hear “no” then you need to re-center yourself and use the phrasing again. It is tricky in the beginning because even when you use this phrasing, how do you know that this is also not part of the analytical mind still trying to get a wanted outcome. All I can say is practice, practice and more practice, then it will become easier. Also one thing to be aware of and that is, you may already know what the answer is, what you want the outcome to be, what it should be, yet you are not giving that to yourself which you need because of other thoughts, feelings, beliefs, or outside influences that are getting in the way. So the process can be used to confirm what you already know to be true, and then to help you feel more solid in taking the steps that you need to.

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