How is going to the lower belly area to ask my higher self a question going to work, isn’t this just the mind anyway?

Even science says that our belly has a mind of its own. How many times have you heard yourself say, “my gut feeling is telling me”. This is the knowing or feeling part of ourselves, that is connected to our inner higher self.

When you use the process of the “Inner Knower” and connect to this part of the body in the lower belly area, bringing your aware 100% in this area, you will be away from your head, your thinking process. You will have moved towards your center of knowing.

Now, your center of knowing is not really actually in the belly, but can be felt there; it is not part of the physical body, it is part of your higher consciousness. In order to have the sense of moving away from our thinking process and move into our knowing and feeling center, it is good to move downward to the belly area. As then when we get our answer, we have a centered grounded feeling in us that helps to feel within us our truth.

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