I have been practicing reading my friends, I am sitting in front of them holding their hands and tuning into their energy. I have begun to pick up impressions and feelings about the person, and I am surprised at how easy the information comes to me, does this mean I am a natural psychic, born with it at birth and just never knew I had it until now?

Yes it is true you were born with it at birth, we all come into this life with it, as our psychic abilities are our higher senses that are part of our soul self. Depending on our culture, our family and even what our past lives were, will all play a part in whether we will cultivate it in this life time. The potential is there for everyone, but for some it will come easy, and feel very natural and for some it may never interest them to do so. If you look back in your life you may see many times where you were sensitive to things around you, picking up feelings and impressions about people and situations.

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