Sometimes when I am around certain people, and later on when I leave them I notice I feel a sick feeling in my stomach, why is this, am I taking on bad energies?

Yes, often we are picking up on others peoples energies, thoughts, emotions, and feelings whether we are aware of it or not. We can be influenced by others energies, just as we can influence others around us by our thoughts and emotions. This feeling in your belly may be that you are picking up emotions that are going on inside that person, and that the person is not necessarily bad. They could be in a stress about something in their life, or in a state of sadness or worry, however it is good to clear this from your field. You can either do the Tong-Lin meditation practice, or Clearing Your Energy Field technique; they are both in the manual. Another great way of clearing your energy field is to take a good long shower; and feeling all the psychic energies you have picked up from the day, flow down the drain; water is a good psychic cleanser.

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