Sometimes when meditating I can find that quiet space where my thoughts are less, but when I come out of meditation and go about my day, I cannot maintain this space, what is the secret?

The key is to use techniques that allow you to experience the state of presence, with your mind, your awareness, your physical body, and your energy body. You will then feel non-divided and able to live in the present moment. Due to our conditioning, in growing up in the Western world, we are very divided in who we are. When you are simply sitting watching the mind and breath, experiencing some silence beyond the mind, you are still divided from the whole of who you are and that Existence. There is a separation, so when you get up and go about your day, you fall back into your unawareness and constant thoughts in the mind. If you use the Qi Gong Practice you will align yourself on all levels, you will become one with the outer you and the inner you, and you will be connected to the oneness around you, this will allow you to be present in the moment without separation.

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