When I get in touch with my guides and angels through the meditation process of Meeting Your Guides, I saw Jesus, is this possible, that Jesus would be a guide for me?

Yes it is possible for you, just as it is possible for many of my clients and students  that have done this process, as well as millions of others in the world who have made the connection naturally.  Jesus is an awakened enlightened being who incarnated onto this earth plane to bring spiritual teachings to help others awaken.

His teachings were to help many others on their path of awakening, and whether he is in the body or not he is still guiding and helping millions of people, and you may be one of those people. There are other divine enlightened beings that are also helping millions of us to awaken to our true divine self. Teachers that incarnated onto this earth plane that have passed on and who are still here such as Buddha, Krishna, Osho, Dali Lama and other India Masters, as well as Shamans and teachers from every culture, every religion.  Every religion has a higher mystical teaching, for Christians it is the White Robe Brotherhood and the Essences the Mystical Order.  Jesus was a part of this Mystical Order. You can find information on this if you search, this is not something the church teaches as a regular teaching. There are other enlightened beings that are working with us from the other side that have not been on this earth-plane, but help just the same.

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