I am really excited about taking this training, but I am having a hard time setting time aside for my studying on a continuous basis. I feel a little guilty in wanting to take time as there is always something to do for my family, and not much time for me. What should I do to clear this feeling, so I feel good about giving myself permission to take this course?

It is owning the belief that you have a right to take care of yourself, that you are important and deserving to take time for you, just as everyone else in the family deserves. And that you need to give time for yourself for what interests you and helps you grow.

You are more than just a mother, or a wife, you are a human being with you own desires. Explain to your family why you would like to do this training for yourself and the importance of it. This can be a good teaching for all family members, how important it is to not only think of what others want from us, but also what we need to give ourselves in order to feel fulfilled and happy. We are too often putting ourselves on hold in order to accommodate others. This is especially true of mothers. It is natural for mothers to think this way, as when our children come into this world we have the instinct to sacrifice ourselves for the well being of our children. It is learning to balance our time for taking care of them with our own needs

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